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While our work is concentrated in Israel and Palestine, OneVoice United States and OneVoice Europe also run programs in their constituencies —connecting local communities to our activists in the Middle East, engaging policymakers, and building global momentum for realizing the two-state solution.

Based in Tel Aviv, OneVoice Israel (OVI) is confronting the dangerous levels of apathy, cynicism, and disinterest in the two-state solution among the Israeli public and stimulating positive action toward a lasting peace agreement. Our 11 university chapters are spearheading nationwide initiatives to build a broad coalition of those who share OneVoice’s vision—across civil society, the private sector, the Knesset, and the governing coalition. Combining powerful public campaigns, targeted legislative initiatives, and innovative media outreach, we empower Israelis to create the conditions in their society that will propel their leaders toward an agreement.

With offices in Ramallah and Gaza City, OneVoice Palestine (OVP) has built the second largest political youth movement in the West Bank, with 20 chapters in 11 cities. After 48 years of occupation, Palestinians live in a constant state of fear, distress, insecurity, and disbelief in the viability of a peace agreement, leading to hopelessness and cynicism rather than determination and activism. Using non-violent resistance to build a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines, we are mobilizing a human infrastructure to demonstrate that a peace agreement is a nationalist endeavor to secure the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people and that all Palestinians have a part to play in realizing this goal.

Based in London, OneVoice Europe (OVE) compliments global fundraising and promotes pragmatic activism for a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Europe. We focus on:

  • Mobilising Europeans to take a win-win, future-focused approach in their dialogue and activism 
  • Connecting EU students of all backgrounds and faiths to the moderate majority in Israel and Palestine through educational sessions and an annual student residential course

OVE is uniquely placed to allow policy makers to hear what the real grassroots are saying, and it also operates at a political level through regular contact with the British government. Our work has engaged senior figures such as George Mitchell, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Menzies Campbell, and former Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

As a central member of the Quartet, the EU has an important role to play in helping bring peace to the region, and OVE has also engaged with the European Parliament in Brussels to ensure that the voices of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians are heard at the highest levels of the international community. We have addressed a special session of the European Parliament that brought together EU delegates to Israel and Palestine to hear from the young people who work in their communities to end the conflict.

Learn more about OVE in their 2014 Annual Report.

Based in New York, OneVoice US (OVUS) coordinates policy, communications, and fundraising across the movement; connects Israelis, Palestinians, and the international community by amplifying the campaigns of OneVoice Palestine and OneVoice Israel; and encourages complementary engagement in the United States. Our IMPACT program mobilizes American students, community members, and leaders through education and advocacy efforts to contribute to peace building in Israel and Palestine and ensure a just solution to this conflict. OVUS is also active in Washington, D.C., in the United Nations, and with the broader community of pro-peace organizations.

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