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The OneVoice Movement is a global initiative that supports grassroots activists in Israel, Palestine, and internationally who are working to build the human infrastructure needed to create the necessary conditions for a just and negotiated resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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DemocraTV: Your chance to safeguard Israel’s democracy

Recent events have demonstrated the urgent need for a truly independent media outlet in Israel. 

Now, more than ever, Israeli democracy needs brave citizens who are unafraid to stand up and speak out. It is of the utmost importance that a free, hard-hitting, courageous, and uncompromising press exists in Israel that is independent and unafraid to address big problems.

DemocraTV is Darkenu's answer to that call. Using the most advanced technology at its disposal, DemocraTV allows for extensive and autonomous live coverage of social movements. The collaborative network, in which the viewers choose the topics and interviewees themselves, provides targeted news-related programs. Those interviewees include former prime ministers, cultural icons, and key leaders in the 2021 election. 

DemocraTV's approach has resonated with the public in a big way: In the first nine months, 2.3 million Israelis have tuned in, and more than 7,500 have become partners by contributing small monthly donations. 

To continue growing, however, DemocraTV needs our help. At OneVoice, we need to raise $25,000 for the network by the end of March. By making a generous gift today, you can lead us toward this goal.

This is a rare opportunity to push back against partisan coverage that values profits over truth. To learn more about DemocraTV, listen to our podcast episode with its lead editor, and check out its English YouTube channel.

Darkenu, the movement responsible for this unique initiative, is Israel’s largest non-partisan civil society movement. It organizes, amplifies, and empowers the moderate majority of Israelis to influence government policy and public discourse. As a grassroots movement, employees and volunteers work daily across Israel—door by door, town by town—setting up stalls in public centers, organizing house meetings, events, demonstrations, and protest vigils in an effort to strengthen justice, equality, mutual respect, and democratic values in Israel.

Its goals are to promote:

  1. Israel as a national home for the Jewish people and a democratic state for all its citizens.
  2. The necessity of a continuous effort to reach a diplomatic agreement that will eventually result in separation into two states and ensure Israel’s security.
  3. Social and economic justice, equal opportunities, and civil solidarity within the State of Israel.
  4. The eradication of incitement, division, corruption, and racism in all forms within the State of Israel.

Through this partnership, Darkenu and DemocraTV will remain at the forefront of the struggle for socio-economic justice and free media in Israel, while leading the pushback against extremist discourse threatening the very essence of Zionism.


15 March 2021 See Post

OneVoice Statement on the Passing of Saeb Erekat

NEW YORK -- All of us at the OneVoice Movement are deeply saddened by the passing of senior Palestinian official and Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat. 

Dr. Erekat was an early advocate of our work and a longtime friend of OneVoice. We shared a vision of an independent, viable and vibrant Palestine that lived up to the potential of its people. His decades of work and advocacy—for nonviolence, for justice, for a two-state solution—has influenced generations of peacebuilders and left a lasting impact on those working toward an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

We send our heartfelt condolences to Dr. Erekat’s family, friends and colleagues during this painful time. 


10 November 2020 See Post

OneVoice Statement on Proposed Israeli Plans of West Bank Annexation

NEW YORK -- “From our founding in 2002, the OneVoice Movement has been driven by a vision of an independent and viable Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel, where Palestinians and Israelis are able to each realize their national and individual aspirations, building a future based upon principles of security, justice, dignity and free of conflict. 

“That is why unilateral action like Israeli annexation of any part of the West Bank is so dangerous. Such a move would further limit already severe freedom of movement restrictions for Palestinians, create a hostile environment very likely leading to increased escalations of clashes and violent incidents, all while making the people of both countries less secure. 

“To be clear: an annexation agenda poses an irreversible threat to the prospects of a viable and independent Palestinian state on one hand and calls into question the ability to Israel to be a national home for the Jewish people and a democratic state for all its citizens on the other.

“All of these considerations are exactly why we have redoubled our efforts to raise awareness of the threats of annexation and mobilize opposition to it. This is our fight, and we will not stop working to help secure the right for self-determination, security and dignity for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

28 May 2020 See Post

Update from Palestine

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Zimam is not slowing down — in fact, they're stepping up to meet the unique challenges of the time. Watch their latest video here.

01 May 2020 See Post

Update from Israel

On the heels of the largest virtual rally in Israel's history, Darkenu is launching a bold new media channel: DemocraTV. Learn more by visiting them online

01 May 2020 See Post

Update from Israel

Responding to assaults on Israeli democracy, Darkenu hosted the first mass protest of the coronavirus era — and more than 600,000 people tuned in live!

27 March 2020 See Post

Update from Palestine

In these uncertain times, Zimam is stepping up to ensure the residents of Gaza have the food, supplies, and support they need to get by.

27 March 2020 See Post

Update from Israel

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08 February 2020 See Post

Update from Palestine

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08 February 2020 See Post

Update from Palestine

Learn more about our Palestinian partner by visiting them online.

01 December 2019 See Post

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