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OneVoice United States (OVUS) and OneVoice Europe (OVE) are the international champions for our activists on the ground. From Washington to the United Nations, the British Parliament to the European Union, OVUS and OVE are working with political and civil society leaders to build a global network of support for Israelis and Palestinians to realize the two-state solution.

Our staff and Youth Leaders maintain regular contact with policymakers in the White House, the State Department and Congress—as well as with thought leaders across the political spectrum, from think tanks to advocacy organizations—to sustain support for activists’ bold work. We are a member of the Alliance for Middle East Peace and recently partnered with them to brief Congressional staffers on the importance of the U.S. supporting a return to negotiations.

In 2013, the U.S. Government awarded OneVoice Israel (OVI) and OneVoice Palestine (OVP) two parallel grants to launched innovative, multi-platform initiatives to combine our grassroots network with a dynamic media campaign to build public support and accountability for the current negotiations.

OneVoice has also participated in numerous conferences at the United Nations, including a U.N. Alliance of Civilizations conference in Doha and received their Intercultural Innovation Award in 2009. We are also a civil society member of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People and sustain a regular dialogue with many other U.N. agencies.

To find out more about the ongoing political work of OneVoice U.S., please contact Shaina Low.

OVE has regular contact with the British government and increasing links to other European governments and the European Union in Brussels, ensuring grassroots Palestinian and Israeli voices are heard in the corridors of power in Europe.

In 2013, OVE organized a debate in the House of Lords on the role of civil society organizations in promoting peace in Israel and Palestine, and two film screenings at Kings College London with panel discussions on the leadership roles of Arafat and Peres. OVE also participated in the 2013 Labor Party Conference, uniting friends of Israel and friends of Palestine to back the two-state solution.

As a member of the Quartet, the EU has an important role to play in helping to resolve the conflict. Our activists addressed a special session of the European Parliament in 2010, and delegations from the Parliament and Commission regularly meet with OneVoice staff and activists in Israel and Palestine. OVE also hosted a debate on the role of the EU in Israel-Palestine at the EU Commission’s representative office in London in 2013, receiving commendation from the Commission for our work in the region.

Amongst the hundreds of British and European politicians and policy makers OneVoice Europe has met and briefed on our work, some highlights have included former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Quartet’s representative to the Middle East; former president of the European Parliament Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering; and EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process Andreas Reinicke.

In 2011, OVE organized a policy debate at Chatham House with David Miliband and U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace, George Mitchell. In 2011, Shadow Middle East Minister Stephen Twigg commended our work to the House of Commons, calling on Foreign Secretary William Hague to join him in recognizing the movement and its achievements. In early 2013, OneVoice Europe and its work was lauded by various members of the House of Lords—from all three parties—with Baroness Falkner saying the House owed OneVoice’s activists “a debt of gratitude” for their work.

OneVoice Europe regularly attends the Labor and Conservative Party conferences, briefing parliamentarians on OneVoice’s activities and running highly successful fringe events, where the work in the region can be highlighted to political audiences.

To find out more about the ongoing political work of OneVoice Europe, please contact John Lyndon.

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