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08 November 2022

Change is possible. 

At OneVoice, we are committed to moving a critical mass of Israelis and Palestinians to reject the status quo and unlock the full potential of both peoples.

Our work is to empower grassroots activists and moderate leaders—Israelis, Palestinians, and their global allies—to build a future where everyone can live with mutual respect, security, and justice. The hard work of peacebuilding must be done by Israelis and Palestinians. But it will only happen with a global belief that change is possible.

We—all of us—are responsible for keeping the conflict and the conviction of hope top-of-mind. Through multi-channel education, personal engagement, and collaborative partnerships, OneVoice is building momentum and helping supporters around the globe effect change. Through our vast network of regional changemakers, we create space in the US for necessary and inclusive dialogue about the conflict. Our monthly podcast, EveryDay Voices, brings authentic perspectives to thousands of listeners around the globe.

Together, we can drive toward a resolution to the conflict—in this generation. 

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