Sunday, September 15th to Thursday, September 19th, 2019

OneVoice's first ever Women’s Delegation will offer a VIP experience, specially curated to serve as a space for our group to learn and reflect on the everyday realities and challenges of life shaped by this conflict, and discuss and brainstorm together on how we can best serve as allies and leaders within our own communities. We are pleased to be organizing this experience in partnership with Leaders' Quest, to enable us to explore societal and political challenges on both a individual and global space. This delegation offers an unparalleled opportunity to meet the highest-ranking political leaders and opinion makers across the political spectrum. This combination of grassroots and grasstops gives us the broadest possible learning opportunity to hear from those that may differ in opinion, yet are each critical components of the broader puzzle.


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Testimony From Previous Delegations

“Some undertake physical challenges - walks, runs, climbs, bike rides, triathlons, swims, abseils, skydives. As an ardent Zionist I found the OneVoice Delegation to Israel and Palestine one of the most challenging experiences of my life - OneVoice's itinerary was ambitious; its impressive access to a wide spectrum of Israeli and Palestinian politicians, influential businessmen and women, military and security advisers, negotiators, journalists, diplomats and activists on both sides provided incredible and unique insight; we saw something of the conditions of daily life in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Sderot with fascinating delegates from diverse backgrounds. The experience was truly thought-provoking with no option but to confront some perhaps inconvenient truths. If you have an interest in the future of Israel and Palestine, I would encourage you to join the [next OneVoice] Delegation. I challenge you to find a more worthwhile trip to the region.” 
– Denise Joseph, London

“I had the great privilege to be part of the 2014 OneVoice delegation to Israel and Palestine. I was amazed by the access to senior policy makers on all sides of the political spectrum. OneVoice has clearly earned respect on all sides.” 
– Greg Kaldor, New York

“For me, the OneVoice Delegation was a unique and transformative experience. The unprecedented access to many of the important players on both sides of the conflict was remarkable, but even more so was meeting and hearing from many of the inspired and inspiring young people on both sides working for a just and better future for both peoples. I returned far more informed and more determined in my support for One Voice and all that it seeks to achieve.” 
– Lawrence Radley, London 

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