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Having trained thousands of Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders, the Movement is launching its biggest campaigns to date in support of the negotiations. 

In Israel, OneVoice is spearheading nationwide initiatives to build a broad coalition of those who share our vision—across civil society, the private sector, the Knesset, and the governing coalition. As the co-founder of the largest cross party caucus in the Knesset, OneVoice Israel is linking civil society directly to their elected officials to hold them to account.

In Palestine, OneVoice has built the second largest political youth movement in the West Bank, mobilizing a human infrastructure to demonstrate that a peace agreement is a nationalist endeavor and that all Palestinians have a part to play in ending the occupation. OVP is also the only civil society organization promoting two-states in the Gaza Strip, with a local office and youth chapter helping to mobilize young Gazans.

For over a decade, the OneVoice Movement has been working, in parallel, with Israelis and Palestinians, empowering young moderates to engage their local communities in a way that amplifies the average citizen's participation in the path towards peace. 

Humans of OneVoice is the repository for these stories and the impact of our Youth Leadership program and the Movement at large; a history illustrated by the efforts of our many youth leaders and activists.

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